Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Websites to Avoid: Suspicious Hosts/URLs -

Spamvertised URL IP Address Country Activity Detected
http://adrianaaccess.de Malaysia Rogue Pharmacy
http://adrianawebcam.de Malaysia Rogue Pharmacy
http://www.adrianavippass.lt.ua Malaysia Pornography
http://www.adrianawebcam.ru  Malaysia Pornography
http://www.adrianawebcamshow.ru  Malaysia Pornography
http://www.HotAdrianaCamz20.com  Malaysia Pornography
http://www.HotAdrianaCamz21.com  Malaysia Pornography
http://www.showadriana.ru  Malaysia Pornography
http://www.showadrianawebcam.ru  Malaysia Pornography
http://www.webcamadrianashow.ru  Malaysia Pornography
http://ln-s.net/-KBJ United States Pornography
http://G0T0.INFO/?r09bwqo1 United States Porn SPIM
http://G0T0.INFO/?ycut5 United States Porn SPIM
http://www.careercornercafe.com/#/thelatters5/4577061047 United States Rogue Marketing
http://starsexcams.com/live-sex-chats/?ptype=1&removewl=0 United States Porn SPIM
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https://cdn.anonfiles.com/1371154944890.html Sweden Phishing
www.adultdatelink.com/?affliateid=418021E5155&program=PPE&subcode=TEST United States Pornography
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  1. the adriana sites are hosted by thegigabit.com in malaysia. I would have thought a Moslem country wouldn't allow a porn site..

  2. Hello. Thank you for the comment. This is an intriguing observation which I would like to investigate further as the subject of a future post.